New Standard Pro Clamping
Working height=62mm, Width=88mm. Standard available in the following lengths, special lengths available on request.
Optional: Smart Tool Locator® (STL)
Type / length  
NSCL-I-HC/ES I-1190mm/4ft/L&R    
NSCL-I-HC/ES I-1530mm/L&R    
NSCL-I-HC/ES I-2040mm/L&R    
NSCL-I-HC/ES I-2550mm/L&R    
NSCL-I-HC/ES I-3655mm/12ft/L&R    
NSCL-I-HC/ES I-4080mm/L&R    
NSCL-I-HC/ES I-4250MM/14FT/L&R    
New Standard Pro Clamping
Working height=62mm, Width=88mm, provided with Amada adaptation (center line at 7mm) , hydraulic clamping (max. 50bar), oil supply ø10mm, left end, Material=C45 not hardened.
Delivery with coverstrip and guards scale ("0" at the left).Delivery without hydraulic power pack and guards.

Tool Holders

Product range:
  • New Standard Pro
Type of clamping:
  • Hydraulic
  • European Style I upper beam
  • No
Working height:
  • 62mm