New Standard Pro bottom tool holder
Working height=75mm, Width=85mm, Standard available in the following lengths, special lengths available on request.
Type / length Weight  
OB-I-SL/UPB-1190   43.4kg / 95.8lbs  
OB-I-SL/UPB-1275   46.5kg / 102.6lbs  
OB-I-SL/UPB-1530   55.8kg / 123.1lbs  
OB-I-SL/UPB-2040   74.5kg / 164.2lbs  
OB-I-SL/UPB-2380   86.9kg / 191.5lbs  
OB-I-SL/UPB-2550   93.1kg / 205.2lbs  
OB-I-SL/UPB-3060   111.7kg / 246.2lbs  
OB-I-SL/UPB-3655   133.4kg / 294.1lbs  
OB-I-SL/UPB-4080   148.9kg / 328.3lbs  
OB-I-SL/UPB-4250   155.1kg / 342.0lbs  
New Standard Pro bottom tool holder with V-lock®.,
Working height=75mm, Width=85mm, provided with UPB-hole pattern which is suitable for the fixing holes according to drawing no.: 31364, pneumatic clamping, Tx-alignment, Material=C45 not hardened, weight: 36.5kg/m, max.load: 200ton/m.

Tool Holders

Product range:
  • New Standard Pro
Type of clamping:
  • Pneumatic
  • UPB hole pattern
  • No
Working height:
  • 75mm
Max. load:
  • 200ton/m