Custom Style bottom tool holder
Working height=35mm, Width=60mm,
Type / length Weight  
OB-953 (1020)   14.8kg / 32.6lbs  
OB-953 (2040)   29.9kg / 65.9lbs  
OB-953-3060MM/10FT   44.8kg / 98.8lbs  
OB-953-3655MM/12FT   53.5kg / 118.0lbs  
OB-953 (4080)   59.8kg / 131.8lbs  
Custom Style bottom tool holder,
Working height=35mm, Width=60mm, mechanical clamping by means of set screws M12 pitch 100mm with centre 1000mm pitch 25mm, Material=C45, weight: 14.65kg/m, max.load: 200ton/m.

Tool Holders

Product range:
  • Custom Style
Type of clamping:
  • Manual
  • No
Working height:
  • 35mm
Max. load:
  • 200ton/m